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Casa con 3 appartamenti a reddito /3-Familienhaus

Vendesi Casa Patriziale nel nucleo di Gravesano composta da due grandi appartamenti e un monolocale, in casa...

Ref: 35
1.600.000 CHF
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Lugano Centro
Attico in villa d'epoca con magnifica vista lago a Lugano

Vendesi a Lugano, in villa d’epoca a pochi passi dal lago e dal centro della città, ATTICO con stupenda vista fronte lago al 4....

Ref: 387
5.690.000 CHF
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Grande e moderna villa ristrutturata a Torricella

Vendesi a Torricella, residenziale e soleggiato comune situato in posizione strategica, signorile villa singola con grande giardino pianeggiante...

Ref: 586
Agency negotiations
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Appartamento 4,5 locali alto standing con bella vista lago a Montagnola

Affittasi a Montagnola appartamento moderno e di alto standing al primo piano di un riservato condominio di soli 6 unità abitative.Composto...

Ref: 563A
3.500 CHF
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3,5 locali con meravigliosa vista lago a Ruvigliana

Affittasi a Ruvigliana, a pochi minuti di auto dal centro di Lugano, spazioso appartamento di 3,5 locali con meravigliosa vista lago. Di...

Ref: 525A
3.300 CHF
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4,5 locali in affitto a Chiasso

Affittasi a Chiasso, in via Breggia, spazioso appartamento di 4,5 locali, situato al 5. piano.Gode di una vista aperta sulla città...

Ref: 615A
1.250 CHF
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Immocasa Inn, Lugano real estate agency

Our team, specialized in real estate brokerage, provides all our customers with professional and efficient consulting throughout the process of sale or purchase of any kind of property including buildings, villas, houses, apartments, shops, plots or cottages.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer unparalleled and full service to everybody, including assistance with technical, legal and commercial issues.

Our large portfolio of customers and estate properties and a huge network of national and international contacts created through the years of activity in this market, enables us to satisfy in the best way every kind of request and ensure a quick and focused results.

Our sales department services:

  • New property research and portfolio updating
  • Site inspection, photographs and expert assessments
  • Cooperation with different offices regarding bureaucratic issues (land registration, purchase permits for foreigners, etc)
  • Preparation of sales documentation, advertisements and mailing in both paper and electronic forms
  • Telephone support services, management of correspondence and mailing activity in different languages for owners and buyers
  • Constant collaboration with sellers regarding property developments
Ville di Pregio a Forte dei Marmi

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